Sustainable or Economics?

Often, when people hear about ‘ sustainable economics’ they think about the green political parties and environmentalism. In most people minds it is synonymous of radicalism, they associate the terms with Green Peace, and other marginal social movements. But in fact it’s much more than that. From the point of view of an economist, sustainable refers to the cycle of use of natural resources. What sustainable economics stands for is an economic environment that takes into account the limits our planet impose on us, and that we must respect in order to pursue the course of human life over the future.

Recently, I found a very interesting web site, presented by Annie Leonard, about the importance to become more socially conscious about the future of our planet through the way we run our businesses. Here is a teaser from the video you can see on her web page (you can see the full length movie here -22 mins). It is very general, and serves to make people realize what is a ‘consumption economy’.

Tell me what you think about.

Gergely says, Hello World!

It is in days of turbulent economies that businesses face their fiercest challenges.  From governments to corporations and individuals, a new set of obstacles and opportunities arise unexpectedly.  When the pace of the economy suddenly down shifts, people are obliged to adapt to new rules because of limited access to resources in a harsher economic environment.

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